Smart Gardening Checklists by Cheryl Spencer

Smart Gardening Checklists

Take the guesswork out of gardening. You'll always know what needs to be done and when to do it.

Stop wondering "what should I be doing in my garden right now?"

With these checklists by your side, you'll have a beautiful and productive garden all year.
  • Never miss another important to-do for your flower garden, vegetable garden, or lawn.
  • Every month you'll know what to plant, prune, and harvest.
  • You'll also get monthly tips on houseplant care, garden planning, garden journaling, and attracting wildlife to your yard.
  • Don't start another season hoping you're doing the right tasks at the right time.  

What's included?

12 customizable monthly checklists ($27 value) 
  • It’s easy to create a personalized (and printable) list of gardening tasks with this spreadsheet. 
  • Just select the tasks you need to do each month, or add new ones. That's what makes it soooo useful!
  • It's formatted to print beautifully on letter-sized paper.
  • There's space to check off tasks as you do them, and make notes about what you did.
Printable checklists, one for each month of the year, 87 pages total ($24 value).
  • Don’t have time to customize the spreadsheet right now (or don't like spreadsheets)? I’ve got you covered! 
  • These checklists (in PDF format) are identical to the checklists in the customizable spreadsheet.
  • Just print them up and add them to your garden journal or add specific tasks to your calendar.
Access to my Gardening Resources Library ($27 value). 
Never miss another free checklist, printable or cheat sheet!

Total value: $78.
Total investment: only $29!

Here's what people have said about the checklists

The Smart Gardening Checklists are a wonderful tool. There are tasks on there that I overlooked. We have only been in this house for a month so there is a lot to do. Thanks!
Isabel Tavio-Weber
THANK you for the October checklist! I'm making a garden journal and your tips really help! ... Keep those tips coming. 😃

Jeannie Byers


Will these checklists work where I live?

  • If you have a winter season where your ground freezes, these checklists will work for you.
  • The checklists are geared toward USDA hardiness zones 5 & 6, but you can adapt them to your zone. I explain how to do that in the download.

Are the customizable and printable checklists identical?

They have the same checklist items on them.
  • What sets them apart is that the customizable checklist can be tailored to your garden. 
  • The printable checklists can't be changed. 
  • I've provided both formats because not everyone likes working with spreadsheets, and you might find it more convenient to just print up the checklists and use them that way.

What format are the checklists?

  • The customizable set of checklists is in Excel format. It can be read by most spreadsheet programs including Google Sheets.
  • The PDFs are a printable-only version of the checklists. There is one file for each month. There are a number of free PDF reader programs (such as Acrobat Reader) that can open PDFs.
  • The files are in a zipped folder when you download them.

What's the return policy?

I have a 14-day Love It or Leave It Guarantee. Let me know what you don't love about the checklists within 14 days of purchase, and you’ll get your money back.

What if I have questions?

I've included step-by-step instructions on how to use the checklists. But if you have any questions, email me and I'll get you squared away!

How long will I have access to the checklists?

You'll have access to the checklists during the lifetime of the product. Download them as many times as you want. And whenever I update the checklists, you'll get an email notification. 

I believe you can grow your dream garden and still have time to enjoy it. 🌻