Smart Gardener Bundle by Cheryl Spencer

Smart Gardener Bundle

Take the guesswork out of gardening with this bundle. You'll always know what needs to be done and when to do it. And keeping a garden journal is the fastest path to gardening success!

Stop wondering "what should I be doing in my garden right now, and what did I do this time last year?"

With these checklists and a garden journal by your side, gardening will be easier than ever.
  • Never miss another important to-do for your flower garden, vegetable garden, or lawn.
  • Every month you'll know what to plant, prune, and harvest.
  • Keeping a garden journal will help you avoid mistakes, keep you organized, and save you time, money, and stress!

Here's what people have said about the checklists

The Smart Gardening Checklists are a wonderful tool. There are tasks on there that I overlooked. We have only been in this house for a month so there is a lot to do. Thanks!
Isabel Tavio-Weber

What's Included?

Monthly Garden Checklists

12 customizable monthly checklists ($27 value) 
  • It’s easy to create a personalized (and printable) list of gardening tasks with this spreadsheet. 
  • Just select the tasks you need to do each month, or add new ones. That's what makes it soooo useful!
  • It's formatted to print beautifully on letter-sized paper.
  • There's space to check off tasks as you do them, and make notes about what you did.
Printable checklists, one for each month of the year, 87 pages total ($24 value)
  • Don’t have time to customize the spreadsheet right now (or don't like spreadsheets)? I’ve got you covered! 
  • These checklists (in PDF format) are identical to the checklists in the customizable spreadsheet.
  • Just print them up and add them to your garden journal or add specific tasks to your calendar.
Access to my Gardening Resources Library ($27 value)
Never miss another free checklist, printable or cheat sheet!

Total value: $78

This bundle is exactly what I need!

Smart Garden Journal Pages

Detailed instructions
  • Printing instructions
  • Advice on setting up your journal
  • Instructions on how to use each page
Six beautiful covers to choose from
Choose yellow tulips, ivy, pink chrysanthemums, succulents, orange dahlias, or text only.
Journal and calendar pages (19 pages, $15 value)
  • Daily journal (4 styles to choose from)
  • Weekly journal
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Weekly calendar
  • Monthly calendars (one for each month)
Record-keeping pages (25 pages, $17 value)
  • Harvest logs (3 types)
  • Seed sowing log
  • Seed inventory & seed saving logs
  • Perennial care charts, for cold and warm climates
  • Pest tracking log
  • Garden expenses (track dollars, pounds, or euros)
  • Lists of favorite plants and ones to avoid (4 lists)
  • Plant profile pages, one for vegetables and one for flowers, trees, and shrubs
  • Repellents inventory
  • Soil amendment chart
  • Weather log
  • Bird and butterfly logs (3 types)
  • Monthly review pages
  • Yearly review pages 
Weekly, monthly, and seasonal checklists (34 pages, $20 value)
  • Weekly checklists (2 types)
  • Monthly checklists (2 types)
  • Seasonal checklists (2 types)
Lifetime updates!
Whenever I add a new page, you'll get immediate access.

Total value: $52
This bundle is exactly what I need!


Will these checklists work where I live?

  • If you have a winter season where your ground freezes, these checklists will work for you.
  • The checklists are geared toward USDA hardiness zones 5 & 6, but you can adapt them to your zone. I explain how to do that in the download.

What's the return policy?

I have a 14-day Love It or Leave It Guarantee. Let me know what you don't love about the checklists within 14 days of purchase, and you’ll get your money back.