Garden Planning Simplified: 7-Day Vegetable Garden Challenge by Cheryl Spencer

Garden Planning Simplified: 7-Day Vegetable Garden Challenge

Imagine …

  • Choosing only the best vegetables for your garden.
  • Knowing exactly when to start seeds or buy transplants.
  • Harvesting delicious vegetables all season long.

Take the 7-day challenge and start planning a vegetable garden you'll love

To have a vegetable garden that produces well you need a strategy.  
And a strategy needs a plan. 
With the right plan, it won't be nearly as hard as you think to grow the garden you've always wanted.

Plan a garden you'll love

  • Sunday | Lesson 1: Narrow Your Focus
    Choose an area of your garden to focus on.
  • Monday (Homework Day) 
  • Tuesday | Lesson 2: Create a Wish List
    Create a wish list of plants that'll thrive in your garden.
  • Wednesday (Homework Day)
  • Thursday | Lesson 3: Make a Plan
    Calculate plant spacing and planting dates with my garden planning spreadsheet.
  • Friday (Homework Day)
  • Saturday | Lesson 4: Draw a Simple Map
    This is where we bring it all together and draw a map based on the plan you created.

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I believe everyone should grow some of their own food.

Cheryl Spencer,