Garden Planning Simplified: Flower Garden Planning Essentials by Cheryl Spencer

Garden Planning Simplified: Flower Garden Planning Essentials

Tired of flower beds that don't turn out like you want? 

How to Get Your Flower Garden Plan Right the First Time

Nobody wants a flower garden that's a cluttered mess, filled with plants that struggle or die.

Planning your flower garden can feel intimidating and a bit scary.😬 What if you waste money on plants that don't make it? What if after all your hard work, you have to spend even more time moving plants around?

What if it's a total failure?
You want a beautiful flower garden you feel proud of – one you enjoy spending time in. One that doesn't embarrass you in front of your neighbors. You've tried planning flower beds before but weren't happy with the results and didn't know what to do about it.

You can plan a beautiful flower garden even if you don't know where to start.
What if you could plan your next flower bed or fix an existing one without the fear of getting it wrong? What if you could learn a step-by-step method for planning your garden yourself? A method that will save you time, money, and aggravation and works no matter where you live?

Planning a successful flower bed is easy when you learn a few simple rules and design techniques.😊

So, how can you learn to create a beautiful flower garden that'll thrive in YOUR yard? 

Welcome to Garden Planning Simplified!

The step-by-step garden planning essentials course that shows you how easy it is to create an amazing garden. A garden filled with plants that find your yard warm and welcoming.

A garden that'll have your friends and neighbors saying, "Wow! You did this yourself?!"

In Garden Planning Simplified, I take you step-by-step through planning your flower garden. 
  • You'll focus on one thing at a time. So, there's no garden-planning overwhelm.
  • Pick the best plants for your garden. Say goodbye to plants that struggle in the wrong spot.
  • Learn how to select the right number of plants and avoid an overcrowded garden.
  • Choose a beautiful color palette – no more hodge-podge flower beds!
  • Create a simple garden map that makes planting time a breeze.
It's an easy to learn system you can use over and over again!
I'm ready to enroll!

It's your turn to be done with trying to figure it all out yourself.

How awesome will it feel to get your garden plan right the first time?😊

Imagine feeling confident you can create a garden that looks good on paper AND in real life.

This course isn't about following pre-set garden plans that may or may not work for your garden. 

Garden Planning Simplified is about learning what plants will thrive in YOUR garden and creating a simple garden plan that works. Every time. And you don't need complicated design software or even the ability to draw!

If You've Ever ...

  • wanted to create a new garden bed, or re-do a bed, but been stuck on how to start,
  • put mismatched plants in your cart at the garden center because "they're so pretty," with no idea where they'll go, and then felt guilty and stressed about it,
  • regretted crowding your plants so they'd quickly cover the ground,
  • wasted money by killing plants that you put in the wrong spot,
  • wasted time moving plants around,
 this course is for YOU.
Yes! I want to plan an amazing flower garden!

You're too busy to waste time on garden plans that don't work

"Your method is far superior to my past practice. I used to go from plant to plant filling in space without a plan. I ended up with too many plants and a hodge-podge of colors & plant types. I'm excited to see this bed next summer!"
Bill O.

Are you making these garden planning mistakes?

  • Plants struggle or die? You'll learn how to pick the right plants for YOUR garden.
  • Hodge-podge design? Choose a simple color palette and create visual impact by grouping plants together.
  • Crowded flower beds? Learn how to space your plants properly. Say goodbye to choked garden beds!
  • No plan on paper? Before you shop for plants or put your shovel in the ground, start with a plan that specifies what plants to buy, how many you need, and where they'll go.
Learn how to fix these mistakes and many more inside Garden Planning Simplified!
I'm ready to get started!

What's included?

Seven Lessons:
  1. Narrow Your Focus. Choose an area of your garden to plan.
  2. NEW Bonus Lesson! How to renovate an existing garden bed.
  3. Create a Wish List. Create a list of plants that'll thrive in your garden and fit your color palette.
  4. NEW Bonus Lesson! Planning a Low-Maintenance Garden. Choose low-maintenance plants and learn what makes a garden low-maintenance.
  5. Make a Plan. Calculate the number of plants you need.
  6. Draw a Simple Map. Bring it all together and draw a map based on the plan you created.
  7. NEW Bonus Lesson! Fix Your Puny Plant Problem. What to do with a newly planted bed to make it look not so "sparse."
These Amazing Bonuses:
  • Instructor support during the course. I'm here to answer any questions you have during the course! No matter when you start the course. (Value: $49)
  • Garden Planning spreadsheet. Plan out and calculate how many plants you need all in one spot! (Value: $19)
  • Course workbook. Keep track of assignments as you work through the course. (Value: $17)
  • Sun Exposure Cheat Sheet. Never again wonder what "part shade" or "part sun" means! (Value: $7)
  • Top 10 US Seed and Plant Catalogs. My favorite tried and true sources for seeds & plants. (Value: $3)
  • Printable Graph Paper. Three different sizes of graph paper to help you map out your garden bed. (Value: $4)
Total bonus value: $99!

Take a quick look inside the online classroom

Wondering how the online classroom works? Watch this short video to get a peek inside.

You can keep making the same garden planning mistakes over and over again, or you can learn how to get your garden plan right the first time.

"Cheryl put a lot of time, effort, and know-how into developing the course. I liked the video lessons.  They were filled with helpful tips and tricks."
Claudette T.


How can this course help me plan a flower garden where I live?

What you'll learn in Garden Planning Simplified applies to all gardens. So, you'll be able to apply what you learn in the course to your garden, no matter where you live!

What if I have questions during the course?

I'm here to support you as you work through the course! The online classroom has a built-in messaging feature where you can post any questions you have, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you buy, you'll have access to this material to use over and over again.

Do I need any special materials or tools?

Absolutely not!
  • You probably already have a tape measure, ruler, and pencils.
  • The only thing you might not have is a circle template for drawing your plan. But these are very inexpensive and found at most craft stores.
  • An optional item, but very useful, is a set of colored pencils or markers.
  • Everything else you need to complete the course – printable workbook, checklists, and planning spreadsheet is included in the course materials.

Will this course help me plan things like walkways, patios, and decks?

No. Garden Planning Simplified helps you plan flower garden beds. It's not a landscape design course. You will learn some basic design principles that'll help you with plant selection and layout. If you have an existing bed, or are planning to add a new bed to your garden, this course is perfect for you!

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy with your purchase.  I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee - no questions asked.

I still have questions. How can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have! Send me an email.

About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Cheryl, and I believe life is too short for ordinary gardens.

The first flower garden I ever planned was a disaster! I struggled to find plants that could tolerate the shade, heavy clay soil, and lack of water in that bed. I planted some plants too close together and chose a few thuggish plants that sent their seeds far and wide throughout my garden.
I was determined to make it work, so I learned as much as I could about proper plant selection and spacing. 
Now, garden planning feels easy! I know what plants will be happy in my garden. And I've pulled together everything I've learned about garden planning and created a course that'll help you easily plan your next garden bed.

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